Mailbox Monday

Another Monday, Another Mailbox!! This is a feature where we all share with each other the yummy books that showed up at our doors! WARNING: Mailbox Mondays can lead to extreme envy and GINORMOUS wishlists!!

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.

Hello dear readers!  Welcome to another Mailbox Monday, my favorite meme of the week - I just love seeing what everyone gets in their mailbox!

This past week quality trumped quantity and I was tickled pink when this gorgeous baby showed up at my door!  Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King has been on my wishlist forever and I am so excited to tell you that Ms. King will be stopping by PTTP in December for an interview!

Release Date:  December 7, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  Margaret, a young Saxon princess shipwrecked with her family on a Scottish shore, must accept sanctuary from the warrior-king, Malcolm Canmore, who sees a political prize in his grasp.  Bargaining his support for her brother, the rebel Edgar of England, Malcolm claims Margaret for his bride.  Now, a foreign queen in a strange land, Margaret must learn who is friend and who is foe.

When Malcolm brings a female bard, Eva, to court as a hostage to ensure the good behavior of her kinswoman and former queen, his enemy Lady Macbeth, Margaret and Eva expect to resent each other.  Instead, they discover an unlikely bond as opposites-Eva a wild Celtic spirit among enemies, Margaret suppressing her passions in her need to the perfect queen and mother of princes.

Torn between loyalties, Eva must betray the king and queen in order to honor a secret promise to Lady Macbeth.  Tossed into a dungeon, charged with witchcraft and treason, Eva soon learns that Queen Margaret-counseled by the king and his stern priests-will decide her fate.

Susan Fraser King's WEBSITE

What showed up in your mailbox?



  1. I liked the first book by this author, but didn't love it. I am still interested enough to want to continue reading her books and give her another go.

  2. Ohhhhh The Queen, I saw that one somewhere last week and wanted it. I'll be waiting for your review later this year :)

  3. Looks good - I had not heard of this one but if you pick it up it has to be good.

  4. I've have this on my wishlist for a long time! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  5. Oooh, this one sounds really good and I love the cover!

  6. Gorgeous cover! This one sounds like a really exciting read - such an interesting historical period, too. Hope you enjoy it!

  7. Wow! This story sounds really captivating. Good enough to want to read the author's other book just in preparation for this one.

  8. I like your blog a lot. I am now your follower.
    Have a nice day!!

  9. As usual, so jealous of your mailbox - I think that cover is gorgeous - I think it is the colors. Another no face woman, but at least she has a head this time!


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