2010 NF Release: Elizabeth I: Virgin Queen? by Philippa Jones

A new book about my favorite monarch and just in time for my birthday! Yeah!  

I'm interested to see how the author spins this controversy and the conclusions she comes to.  I can see it being really good or really bad! 

by Philippa Jones

Release Date:   July 25, 2010

SYNOPSIS: 'Gloriana', 'Faerie Queene', 'Queen Bess' are just some of the names given to Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. But the name for which she is perhaps best remembered and which best explains why Elizabeth was the last of the Tudor monarchs, was the 'Virgin Queen'. But how appropriate is that image? Were Elizabeth's suitors and favourites really just innocent intrigues? Or were they much more than that? Was Elizabeth really a woman driven by her passions, who had affairs with several men, including Thomas Seymour, while he was still the husband of her guardian Catherine Parr, and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester - a man adjudged to have been the great love of her life? And, are the rumours of Elizabeth's illegitimate children true? Was the 'Virgin Queen' image a carefully thought out piece of Tudor propaganda? Historian Philippa Jones, author of the acclaimed "The Other Tudors", challenges the many myths and truths surrounding Elizabeth's life and reveals the passionate woman behind the powerful and fearless 'Virgin Queen'.



  1. Certainly sounds interesting. I'm interested to see what she presents.

  2. Ooohh, sounds scandalous! I'd love to read the various arguments.


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