2010 NF Release: House of Treason: The Rise & Fall of a Tudor Dynasty

House of Treason came out in hardcover last year and is now being released in paperback on September 1, 2010.  I think I'll be picking this up as the paperback price is much nicer on my pocketbook ;-)

What do you think?

by Robert Hutchinson

Release Date: September 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS: King-makers - Conspirators - Criminals - Nobles - Seducers The Howard family - the Dukes of Norfolk - were the wealthiest and most powerful aristocrats in Tudor England, regarding themselves as the true power behind the throne. They were certainly extraordinarily influential, with two Howard women marrying Henry VIII - Anne Boleyn and the fifteen-year-old Catherine Howard. But in the treacherous world of the Tudor court no faction could afford to rest on its laurels. The Howards consolidated their power with an awesome web of schemes and conspiracies but even they could not always hold their enemies at bay. This was a family whose history is marked by treason, beheadings and incarceration - a dynasty whose pride and ambition secured only their downfall.




  1. I have this and I really liked it. Didn't really know anything about Dukes of Norfolk besides Anne Boleyn's uncle.

  2. :((

    How will I endure this book buying BAN!

  3. This should fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of the Tudor period.

  4. This sounds really intriguing! Thanks for mentioning it.


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