2010 Release: All The Queen's Players by Jane Feathers

Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots?  I am all over this one!! 

Will you be reading or are you all Tudor'd out?!

by Jane Feather

Release Date:  April 13, 2010
At Queen Elizabeth’s palace, intrigue abounds. And when a naive girl with a gift for keen observation enters the court, she can hardly imagine the role she will play in bringing England—indeed, the whole of Europe—to the brink of war. Nor can she foresee her own journey to the brink of ecstasy and beyond. . . .

When she becomes a junior lady of Queen Elizabeth’s bedchamber, Rosamund is instructed by her cousin, the brilliant and devious secretary of state Sir Francis Walsingham, to record everything she observes. Her promised reward: a chance at a good marriage. But through her brother Thomas, Rosamund finds herself drawn to the forbidden, rough-and-tumble world of theatre, and to Thomas’s friend, the dramatic, impetuous playwright Christopher Marlowe. And then Rosamund meets Will Creighton—a persuasive courtier, poet, and would-be playwright who is the embodiment of an unsuitable match.

The unsanctioned relationship between Rosamund and Will draws the wrath of Elizabeth, who prides herself on being the Virgin Queen. Rosamund is sent in disgrace to a remote castle that holds Elizabeth’s cousin Mary Stuart, the imprisoned Queen of Scots. Here, Walsingham expects Rosamund to uncover proof of a plot against Elizabeth. But surely, nothing good can come of putting an artless girl in such close proximity to so many seductive players and deceptive games. Unless, of course, Rosamund can discover an affinity for passion and intrigue herself. . . .

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  1. I'll check this out because I haven't read much on Mary Queen of Scots. Actually nothing at all. Must check Plaidy's backlist....

  2. I will probably read it at some point although I don't think I'm going to rush out and buy it. The cover sure is pretty though!

  3. I find this time period endlessly fascinating and I've enjoyed a number of Jane Feather's historical romances, so I'm definitely in!

    On an unrelated note, how are you liking Highest Stakes? I'm quite curious about this book.

  4. Just Wish List-ed it on Amazon. Sounds amazing!

  5. I can never be Tudor'd out as long as there is a variety of story lines. I really want to read this one, it sounds really good :)

  6. I will never be officiall Tudored out as long s I space them out properly =)

    Your blog looks fantastic on my new monitor, and now I can actually see that there is a texture on the background. Funny how it never showed on the old monitor.

  7. Sounds a bit interesting but I probably won't run out for it.

    The cover sure is pretty!

  8. I enjoy Jane Feather's books. It should be interesting seeing this world and its events through Rosamund's eyes.


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