Wordless Wednesday

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland




  1. Gorgeous picture, Amy. I am very partial to Scottish scenes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome Kay! And I am so with you on loving Scotland! I truly feel like either I've lived there in a previous life or I am meant to live there in this one. I've always felt such a connection to Scotland.

  3. Stunning photo!! I'm totally with you on that Amy. I told my husband that I swear I had to have been English in a past life because I feel such a connection to the UK that doesn't make sense.

    I also told him that when he retires, I'd love to move to the UK! It's my absolute favorite place in the world...I can bounce around between England & Scotland and be the happiest girl :)

    I only got to visit Edinburgh last year and was left breathless! I really want to see the rest of Scotland ♥ What I did see was amazing!!!


  4. Isalys...want a roomate in the UK? heehee. I think the only way I will get my husband oversees is if Pearl Jam is playing there! So jealous that you visited Edinburgh...my favorite castle of all time is Holyrood and I really want to go there!

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  7. It looks so peaceful ! Thanks for shoring !

  8. Absolutely stunning. I would very much like to visit Scotland.

  9. I feel the same way you do Amy, only for Ireland, I feel almost like I have lived there in a past life.So glad I was able to visit Ireland not only once but twice... I am actually Scots/Irish and this is one of my favorite castles....thank you for posting the pic...

  10. Oh, I so want to go to Scotland! Such a beautiful view.

    Anyway, I have an award(s) for you!


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