2010 Release: Virgin Widow by Anne O'Brien

The Virgin Widow: England's Forgotten Queen
by Anne O'Brien
Release Date:  May 21, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  This title is about England's forgotten Queen. England, 1469. A daughter of Warwick the Kingmaker, Anne Neville cannot dictate her own future. Her marriage will be political, made purely to advance her family's interests. But at the age of fourteen, her father's treason forces her into exile, and into an uneasy betrothal with Edward of Lancaster. Edward is changeable and completely controlled by his powerful mother, Margaret of Anjou. In a hostile, impoverished court, Anne finds herself at the mercy of other's whims. On her wedding night, the audience assembled to witness her bedding instead witnesses a royal humiliation. At the point of consummation, Queen Margaret forbids the act. Anne went to her husband's bed a virgin, and she will remain so. The battle for the crown of England rages, and Anne's husband must fight for his cause. But he is foully done to death by Richard, Duke of Gloucester - a man who twice before has been betrothed to Anne. Anne must decide where her loyalties lie. And during the reign of King Edward, the wrong decision could mean death.

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  1. Poor Anne Neville.
    Yes I think I would love to read a book from her voice.

  2. I am really looking forward to this. Everyone in the UK will be lucky to read it in May...Oh how far away November seems!

  3. You could always order it from the UK site! I've gotten a lot of my books from there.

  4. I like the sound of this one! Don't know if I can wait until November...may have to break down and order from the UK site. Why do they always get them first? :)

  5. This sounds very interesting although I presume that the author is taking Shakespeare's view of Richard III? Sounds like a good read - I have always been slightly fascinated by Anne Neville

    Thanks for sharing


  6. This should be a most interesting book. It never fails to amaze me what those of the Royal Court did in their maneuverings for power.

  7. What a sad story for Anne and what a tough mother in law act to follow! The historical fiction books are always full of intrigue but this seems to top them all.


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