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In more HF publishing news, author C.W. Gortner just announced his new deal with Ballantine Books for a novel on Lucrezia Borgia!  Gortner is a phenom on writing historical women and I can't wait to see what he does with the uber-fascinating Lucrezia. At least we have Gortner's next release on Isabella of Castile to keep us busy in the meantime!

Here is the blurb from today's Publishers Weekly:

Ballantine has landed a new novel by C.W. Gortner about Lucrezia Borgia, who is one of the subjects of Showtime's new original series about the infamous Italian clan, The Borgias. Susanna Porter took world English rights to the currently untitled book about the 15th-century beauty who was the daughter of the vicious Rodrigo Borgia (who later became Pope Alexander VI) and is rumored, among other things, to have been the lover of both her father and her brother. Gortner was represented by Jennifer Weltz at Jean V. Naggar and has had two historical novels published by Ballantine—The Last Queen and The Confessions of Catherine de Medici; he also has a Tudor spy series with St. Martin's Press.

Congratulations to C.W. Gortner and kudos to Ballantine Books for their great taste :)  I am very much looking forward to this release!



  1. Yay!!!! C.W and Lucrezia will be such a perfect match. And I can't wait to see what C.W. will spin for us to read about Isabella!!!
    Congrats C.W.!!!

  2. Great news!
    I absolutely love his writing style... can't wait to read this novel!

  3. Cool beans...Lucrezia is my favorite character and can't wait to read more about her. She is the type of strong, smart woman that I love to read about...one who knows how to use her feminine ways to the best of her advantage. AND she's so smart that she pulls the wool over all the men's eyes...one smart, sweet cookie! This new obsession is all your fault after getting me hooked on the series...lol Thanks Amy!!

  4. Ooo, The Confessions of Catherine de Medici that I read for the HF virtual tour was actually the first Gortner book that I had ever read. I'll be looking forward to the book on Lucrezia Borgia.

  5. Good news, indeed! I am currently reading The Confessions of Catherine de Medici and The Last Queen was one of my favorite reads last year.

  6. It is wonderful that an author can bring so much to the story of these women. Like you, I look forward to what he will do with Lucrezia's story.


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