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An intriguing new trilogy is on the horizon by a new author on the HF scene!  The Queen's Secret by Victoria Lamb will be released on March 1, 2012.  As of the moment I am only seeing a UK release date, but I will for sure let you know if they will be released in the US. 

From The Bookseller....

Transworld Publishers have acquired World Rights in three novels by first time author Victoria Lamb. Set in the reign of Tudor Queen Elizabeth I, Lamb's first novel, The Queen's Secret, focuses on the love triangle between Elizabeth, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and the Countess of Essex – and is observed by Lucy Morgan, a young black singer at Elizabeth's court. Lucy – who really existed - is one of the contenders for Shakespeare's Dark Mistress.

Publishing Director, Selina Walker, who acquired the novels from agent Luigi Bonomi, described The Queen's Secret as a novel that has everything: excitement, romance, intrigue, sex, spies, historical accuracy, and in Lucy Morgan, a wonderful, vivacious series heroine who charms everyone she comes into contact with. Book two will focus on Lucy's relationship with William Shakespeare, and in book three, Lucy falls for another of Elizabeth's favourites, the charismatic young Earl of Essex. 'Historical fiction, particularly fiction set around the Tudor period, is hugely popular', says Walker. 'The author, Victoria Lamb, is passionate about her research, and will write a book a year, and The Queen's Secret is a really entertaining, page-turning read. I couldn't be more excited about it.'

Transworld will publish The Queen's Secret in early 2012. 

Victoria Lamb is the daughter of novelist Charlotte Lamb and also writes poetry under the name Jane Holland.  For more information please visit her WEBSITE and BLOG.



  1. Oh how exciting! Something else to really look forward to coming out! Thanks for always sharing these book notices!

  2. This looks like a great read! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  3. To YA Librarian - I am so sorry, can you please leave your comment again. I accidentally hit delete and not publish...my apologies!!!

  4. Here is YA's comment that I deleted by mistake:

    "No offense, but really? A trilogy on Elizabeth. OMG, someone write something BESIDES the Tudors! I'm sure it will be like the countless others, only longer."

  5. Hmm. It sounds like an interesting perspective to us, but I am pretty sure that we have heard the story before. I may get a bit more excited about it when the time comes, but I am not at this stage.

  6. I wont get bored of another Tudor.

  7. Should be an interesting series. A new historical figure to add another dimension to the Tudor period. Another one to look forward to.

  8. Reading the synopses at Passages to the Past is like being a child and opening the Toy Catalogs that come in the mail. Now, which ones do I ask Santa for???

    Connie Fischer


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