2012 Release: The Flower Reader by Elizabeth Loupas

I just saw on Goodreads that Elizabeth Loupas, author of The Second Duchess, will be coming out with a new novel next year in April titled The Flower Reader and it sounds really intriguing!  There is no cover yet, but I will bring it to you once it's available.

SYNOPSISIn the sweeping new novel from the author of The Second Duchess, dangerous secrets lead a passionate young woman into a maze of murder and conspiracy as Mary, Queen of Scots, comes home to reign in a treacherously divided Scotland….

With her dying breath, Mary of Guise entrusts a silver casket to Rinette Leslie of Granmuir, who possesses the ancient gift of floromancy. Inside the casket, and meant only for the young Mary, Queen of Scots, are papers the old queen has painstakingly collected—the darkest secrets of every Scottish lord and explosive private prophecies prepared by Nostradamus. Rinette risks her life to keep the casket safe, but she makes a fatal mistake: she shows it to her beloved young husband. On the very day the young queen comes home, Rinette’s husband is brutally assassinated.

Devastated, Rinette demands justice from the queen before she will surrender the casket. Amid glittering masques and opulent weddings, courtly intrigues and Highland rebellions, the queen’s agents and Rinette herself search for the shadowy assassin. They are surrounded by ruthless men from all over Europe who will do anything to force Rinette to give up the casket—threatening her life, stripping her of her beloved castle by the sea, forcing her to marry a man she hates, and driving her from the man she has reluctantly grown to love. In the end, the flowers are all she can trust—and only the flowers will lead her safely home to Granmuir.

What think you, dear reader?



  1. I love the sound of this book -- floromancy! So fascinating!

  2. EEKS! Wow. I'm super excited! Floromancy! Count me in for this one!!

  3. This is truly a book that would keep the reader sitting on the edge of their seat! Would love to read it!

    Connie Fischer

  4. I am almost done with The Second Duchess and am loving it! I cannot wait for this one too. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. It sounds interesting, it goes on my wish list!

  6. Another one for the WL for sure :)

  7. I just finished reading 'The Second Duchess' for the second time and loved it! I was skeptical at first, for reasons I don't really know, but am so happy I took a chance on it! I wish there was more out there about Barbara of Austria because Loupas did such a great job making her into a fascinating character! Can't wait to read this next one and thanks for the heads up!

  8. Definitely intriguing. This sounds like a book that has much to offer. I put it on my Amazon wish list and am sorry it won't be out until April, 2012.


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