2010 Release: Legacy by Susan Kay

Since the beginning of my historical fiction obsession I have been hearing about Legacy by Susan Kay and how it's like THE book to read on Queen Elizabeth I.  Well, I finally managed to score myself a copy at the local library book sale a few months ago after looking for a copy for years.  Woo Hoo, right?!  Well, wouldn't you know it...now Sourcebooks will be re-issuing it in July 2010!  Geesh!  And you know I'm gonna be buying this version too - I can't pass up a pretty cover!

Legacy: The Beloved Novel of Elizabeth, England's Most Passionate Queen -- and the Three Men Who Loved Her

by Susan Kay

Release Date:  July 2010

SYNOPSIS:  From the spectacular era that bears her name comes the spellbinding story of Elizabeth I. . . her tragic childhood; her relentless, often ruthless confrontation with Mary, Queen of Scots; and her brilliant reign as Europe's most celebrated queen. And into this beautiful tapestry of Elizabethan England, LEGACY weaves the vibrant and compelling image of Elizabeth the woman. Proud, passionate, captivating in her intensity, she inspired men to love her from the depths of their souls... and to curse the pain of that devotion. Here is an intimate portrayal of the woman who changed the course of history, and three men whose destinies belonged to her alone.



  1. Ooh, I've been hearing about this one forever too. Maybe if I can avoid all other books on the Tudors (other than Wolf Hall) between now and then, I'll be ready for it in July.

  2. Oh, sign me up for this one! It's a fabulous book and I still have my tattered copy from middle school, but would love to have a new edition that I can read without the fear of it falling to bits.

  3. I'm thrilled to hear they're going to re-release it! What a beautiful cover! I will certainly be purchasing it to add to my collection.

    I read my library's copy of "Legacy" earlier this year and it's by far my favorite book about Elizabeth. I just finished "I, Elizabeth" by Rosalind Miles and that is quite good as well.

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about this one, too-- that's so exciting that it's finally coming back to print!

  5. Aaah, so I HAVE read this. I thought it looked familiar.

    You read so many books, ya know. Especially when you are fascinated with a subject.

  6. Beautiful cover indeed! I have always been fascinated by Queen Elizabeth...her life and her many accomplishments!

  7. I've read this book when it came out 20 years ago. It's the best!! I just did a give away on my blog for an original hardback copy.

  8. Am glad you found the book. To me, the hunt is part of the fun. You appreciate the book that much more when you finally do find it.

  9. I'm so glad Sourcebooks is reissuing this! I've heard a lot about it as well.

  10. That is pretty! I've heard a lot about it, too. I just can't get away from this queen... reading The Queen's Bastard by Robin Maxwell right now!

  11. I seriously must stop reading your blog. :D


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