Plaidy in June

On June 4th Random House UK will be releasing four re-issues of Plaidy novels. Two are the Lucrezia Borgia series, which I really enjoyed. The others are about Philip II of Spain and the Spanish Inquisition (I have yet to read these).

As King Philip II of Spain plans out the infamous Inquisition and plots to overthrow England, dashing Blasco Carramadino and his devout brother, Domingo, citizens of Andalusia, become caught up in the intrigue and treachery.

This is a powerful story of the troubleous days when Tudor succession was in dispute. The chief characters are two contrasting cousins - one daring, brave and adventurous; the other quiet, reserved and thoughtful. But each has his own kind of courage. It is set in Chelsea, Kent, and Spain, and is a vivid portrayal of a family which came to know the wrath of the Spanish Inquisition.

Lucrezia Borgia Series Book 1: The legendary Lucrezia Borgia did everything with a passion intensity. She loved with a burning lust. She hated with a ruthless violence. There wasn't another woman in all of Rome who could rival her exquisite beauty—or her incredible power. As the only daughter of Pope Alexander VI, she was showered with every luxury and privilege. But being a Borgia also meant having a certain and inescapable responsibility to the family. Lucrezia learned early that she would never simply love and marry. A Borgia's destiny was always carefully arranged—and there wasn't any way for Lucrezia to escape hers....

Lucrezia Borgia Series Book 2: Some said she was an elegant seductress. Others swore she was an incestuous murderess. It didn't matter what they called her. She was the most dangerous and sought after woman in all of Rome. She was Lucrezia Borgia.

Men found her irresistible. But all who succumbed to her charms also became entangled in the nefarious Borgia web of terror and lust. And in the days when the Borgias ruled Italy no one was safe from the long arm of their power. Not even Lucrezia....


  1. Amy, are these releases in the UK only??

  2. Hoping to add to my TBR -- do I have to find a UK friend to mail them to me? Or will they come out here too.

  3. Michele and Beth: yes, these are only UK releases. Arrow (an imprint under Random House) handles the re-issues for the UK. However, Random House US publishes other re-issues. I'm not sure why they do it this way - Random House must surely be missing on some sales.

    Remember that Book Depository has free shipping to the US. That's where I order all of my UK books and I've never had a problem.

  4. That's too bad that the releases are in the UK only-I'd love to add them to my huge pile of unread books. lol.

  5. OH man oh Man.. I would LOOOOVE to read these. I might have find a way to get them. :)

  6. Yeah, it is unfortunate that these books are only available in the UK. Good thing for book depository! They are not available at all in Canada, or at least they weren't last I looked.

  7. I wish they'd release more in the US. I'll have to try the Book Depository mentioned. I just found a used bookstore that has tons of Plaidy/Holt/Carr books. I added 4 to my collection and now have almost 50 total :)

  8. Amy, what would you say is your absolute favorite Plaidy that you've read so far? I know that's almost an impossible question, but I'm curious!

  9. Hollister: favorite Plaidy you ask. That is a tough one, but the first one that came to mind is Katherine of Aragon (the omnibus one with all three of Plaidy's Katherine novels). The Loves of Charles II and Victoria Victorious are close seconds.

    Do you have a favorite?


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