New Jeanne Kalogridis

Release Date: 21 July 2009

Catherine de Medici is one of the most maligned monarchs in history: blamed for the St.Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in which hundreds of innocents died. What motivated this Renaissance woman who was born of Florence’s most powerful family, and one day came to rule France?

In her latest historical fiction bestseller, Jeanne Kalogridis tells the story of Caterina, a tender young girl, destined to be a pawn in Machiavellian games. Left a fabulously rich heiress, imprisoned and threatened by her family’s enemies, she was finally married off to a handsome prince of France.

Overshadowed by her husband’s mistress, the conniving Diane de Poitiers, and now consort to a King, Catherine resorted to sorcery to win his love, enhance her fertility and foil her enemies. Against the lavish and decadent backdrop of the French court, and Catherine’s visions induced by the black arts, Kalogoris reveals the great love and desire Catherine bore for her husband Henry, and her stark determination to keep her sons on the throne.

Jeanne Kalogridis is the author of The Borgia Bride and I, Mona Lisa. The Borgia Bride was really great and I have I, Mona Lisa waiting patiently for me on the shelf.


  1. I, Mona Lisa is fabulous! And I'm really, really looking forward to this new one.


  2. This looks like it will be really good.

  3. When I start buying books again, I can tell I'm going to go for Jeanne Kalogridis. I've heard great things about her work and I think she's worth a shot!

  4. I absolutely, positively MUST have this book!

  5. I am looking forward to this book! It sounds like it is going to be good. :)

  6. Dang...this one looks so good. It is a must read.

  7. I loved The Borgia Bride, and have therefore been waiting for this book with a great sense of anticipation.

  8. Looks interesting. Its on my TBR pile.


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