Interview & Giveaway: The Mrs. Tabor by Kimberly Burns

Today on the blog I am very excited to be hosting an interview with Kimberly Burns! She is touring for her novel, The Mrs. Tabor, which I loved! You can check out my review here. I hope you enjoy getting to know her and be sure to enter the giveaway!

Hello Kimberly and welcome to Passages to the Past! Thanks so much for stopping by today to talk about The Mrs. Tabor!

To begin, can you please tell us a little about yourself and your writing?

I grew up in the central mountains of Colorado as part of a story-telling family. Novel writing was the best way for me to share my stories with the wider world.

What inspired you to write about Baby Doe Tabor? What fascinated you about her in particular?

Everyone in my hometown knew about Baby Doe. Many people had tales of an older relative encountering her. Baby Doe was the Kim Kardashian of her time. Even if they didn’t like her, people couldn’t stop talking about her.

What research did you undertake when writing The Mrs. Tabor?

I visited Leadville and toured the Tabor Opera House and the Baby Doe’s cabin at the Matchless Mine. I read all the non-fiction I could find about her life, as well as Augusta’s and Horace’s. The Denver Public Library and the History Colorado Center have lots old newspapers, photographs and artifacts, and are good sharers.

What would you like readers to take away from reading The Mrs. Tabor?

Historically women did not had many professional or political opportunities, but they were not powerless. Women had to be pragmatic about the way they could take care of themselves. Of course, their behavior and choices should not be judged by today’s standards. To quote the book, “The laws of survival always trump the rules of etiquette.”

What was your favorite scene to write?

Baby Doe’s first visit to the Shoo Fly Saloon was fun to imagine. The saloon did exist and she was a frequent visitor, but there is no record of those conversations.

What was the most difficult scene to write?

I struggled with how to explain the demonetization of silver and the resulting economic collapse. It was complicated and dry as Aunt Millie’s Thanksgiving turkey.

What does your daily writing routine look like?

I lay in bed and think of sparkling dialogue, descriptions of beautiful settings and plot action-packed scenes. I then hop up, take the dog out, make coffee, exercise and then stare blankly at the computer screen for most of the afternoon trying to remember those wonderful lines. There must be a better way...

What has been your greatest challenge as a writer?

Have you been able to overcome it? It is a hard business to break into. I faced a lot of rejection. Finally, I decided to act those pragmatic western women – I’ll just do it myself.

Who are your writing inspirations?

Sandra Dallas, Larry McMurtry, Charles Frazier, Willa Cather, Ann Weisgerber.

What was the first historical novel you read?

I have always read historical novels, so it is hard to remember. It might have been “Little House on the Prairie”.

What is the last historical novel you read?

I just finished The Lincoln Special by Peg Lamphier. It is based on the life of Kate Warne, the first female detective to work for the Pinkertons.

What historical time period do you gravitate towards the most with your personal reading?

I love WWII and the American Old West. I have also been listening to several cozy British mysteries set in the 1920s.

What do you like to do when you aren't writing?

I read. I read eBooks while I travel. I “read” audio books while walking the dog. I read paper books while drinking wine. I also do water aerobics and play mahjongg. Apparently, I am practicing to retire to Florida.

Lastly, what are you working on next?

Oooh! I am so excited about my WIP. It is based on the true tale of Denver’s most successful madman, Mattie Silk who outfoxes morality committees and a notorious conman to deliver her own brand of justice.

Oh that sounds great! I am so ready to read that! Thanks for joining us today!

The Mrs. Tabor by Kimberly Burns

Publication Date: Septembr 10, 2021
Thomas Bard Publishing LLC.
Paperback, 384 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

The laws of survival always trump the rules of etiquette.

Every age has its iconic blonde bombshell. In the 1880s, it's Baby Doe, America's original gold digger. At a time when genteel ladies could politely starve to death, Baby Doe seeks her fortune the best way she knows how-marrying a rich man. She joins the rush to the Colorado silver bonanza and meets millionaire mine owner Horace Tabor. Baby Doe enjoys the high life as his paramour, but Tabor's wife and his business manager plot to get rid of the new girl. Baby Doe, however, has schemes of her own to upend Horace's old relationships and become the one and only Mrs. Tabor.

But fate sweeps in and avalanches Baby Doe's dreams. What price will she pay for becoming The Mrs. Tabor?

Based on a true story, The Mrs. Tabor seduces with a scandalous tale of love and fortunes found and lost.

"A thoughtful, immersive, and deeply human look at one of history’s most famous social climbers." - Kirkis Reviews

Amazon | Bookshop | IndieBound

About the Author


Kimberly Burns grew up in Colorado hearing stories about the colorful characters of the Old West. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Organizational Behavior from the University of Hartford. While honing her skills writing dry corporate material, she indulged her passions for fiction, American history and storytelling at numerous book groups. Kimberly lives with her husband in northern Virginia.

The Mrs. Tabor is Kimberly’s debut novel. Her next book tells the story of Denver’s most successful madam, Mattie Silks. A member of the Historical Novel Society and Women Writing the West, Kimberly is available to discuss her novel with book groups in person or online.

Feel free to contact her at You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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The Mrs. Tabor

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