2011 Release: A Race to Splendor by Ciji Ware

by Ciji Ware

Release Date:  April 30, 2011

SYNOPSIS:  Inspired by female architect Julia Morgan, this is the riveting tale of a race against time to rebuild two luxury hotels after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake destroyed 400 city blocks and left 250,000 homeless. Morgan's fictional protegee Amelia Bradshaw and client J.D. Thayer will sacrifice anything to see the city they love rise from the ashes; in the process, they can't help but lose their hearts.



  1. Yay! Another Ciji Ware release :)

  2. I was just commenting about his book to Carey...it's one I'm really, really looking forward to.

    Happy Halloween, chickadee!

  3. OOOh, thanks for the Ciji Ware update -- I'm reading Wicked Company now and want to read more of her!

  4. Another one and I havent yet found the first!

  5. I LOVE that cover and what a unique plot!

  6. I love Ciji Ware. I have read The Cottage....book. It was a long time ago. The Wicked Company and Splendor...look like wonderful books to read.

  7. Another woman in history whose accomplishment were probably not recognized as they should have been.


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