Royal Cribs: The Homes of Marie Antoinette

Hofburg Palace (Vienna)
Marie Antoinette was born here in 1755


Schoenbrunn Palace (Vienna)
Childhood home of Marie Antoinette


Laxenburg Castle
Marie Antoinette is said to have been partial to this childhood home


Palace of Versailles

Marie Antoinette's Hameau in the garden of Petit Trianon

Petit Trianon - Versailles, France

Chateau de Saint-Cloud

M.A. purchased the Chateau from the duc d'Orleans in 1780.  90 years after Marie Antoinette's expansion, the Chateau was destroyed during the Franco-Prussian War.

The Tuileries
Marie Antoinette as Dauphine made her first official appearance here and where the Royal family would be housed during the French Revolution

The Conciergerie 
French prison where MA was held before her beheading



  1. Lovely post, Amy. And Royal Cribs is a great name :)

  2. Lovely pics, thanks for taking the time to hunt them down and share.

  3. It's good to be queen! Oh, wait... not in this case.

  4. Wow! Some of these places look wonderfully lush and beautiful! I can't imagine living in that kind of style.

  5. Oh I wish I owned all of these places!

  6. I really like Laxemburg Castle - it so pretty. And I love the title of this post!

  7. Well at least she got to live in a lot of very nice places before she lost her head.

  8. Fantastic post Amy! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together for us. There are a few places here I wouldn't have minded living.

  9. Wonderful. I have Versailles and the Tuilleries but not the others...maybe someday

  10. Oooooh, Amy! Thank you SO much for this post! I just visited Versailles last month and wore out my feet walking all over the estate, visiting not only the Chateau itself, but the Grand and Petit Trianons, the Hameau, farm, etc. But I love seeing photos of all of her family residences one after the other like this. It's particularly great to see Laxenburg, which was her father's favorite of the Hapsburg palaces and she was such a Daddy's girl, losing him when she was only 9 years old. I've been writing a novel of Marie Antoinette, so this post is like a little gift!

  11. Great post Amy I Loved seeing the progression of 'homes'!

  12. Neat post. I read a biography of her and was amazed at all the places she lived.

  13. Marie, did have some lovely homes didn't she! Thanks for researching this and posting this wonderful post! Have a great weekend, Amy!

  14. Royal Cribs...HAH! You crack me up, Amy. Thanks for this post, these are some beautiful pictures! And it's great to see them all lined up together like that; it really emphasizes the grandiosity of some of those palaces!

  15. royal cribs: genius!
    Can't imagine why MA grew up feeling so priviledged :)
    Great photos.

  16. Great pics, thanks for taking the time to hunt them down and share.


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