The Humane Award

Heather from one of my favorite new blogs, The Maiden's Court, has bestowed me with this awesome Humane Award! Thanks love! Please visit her fantastic blog if you haven't already!

This award is designed to honor bloggers who regularly take part in my blog and always have something good to say. These are people who I love to read their comments on my blog as well as visit their blogs too. Without them, my blog would be much less interesting and exciting.

There are so many I wish to award with this, but I'd like to highlight one in particular:

Ms. Lucy from Enchanted by Josephine ~ you could not find a nicer person in all of blogland, she just charms the pants off you, always leaves fantastic and enthusiastic comments and I SO hope one day to meet her in person, preferably while we tour French castles!



  1. Congratulations on your award Amy!

  2. Congrats to Amy!! You couldn't have bestowed it on a more deserving person: she is my biggest Fan!!
    And no touring French castles without me (& arleigh!)

  3. Congrats to you and your nominee. great award.

  4. Well, my-oh-my...Life really is like 'a box of never know what you're gonna find;)

    Thank you soo much- I'm soo touched by this! It's wonderful to be thought of in such a truly kind way:D I'm so thankful to have met such fantastic people here in Blogland - and you Amy are the sweetest and kindest and always there for me!

    Congrats to you too- you deserve this all the way! the looks of it, there's now 4 of us going to the French castles:D

  5. Congrats Amy, that is such a lovely award to receive :-)

  6. Okay I love Lucy too can I come? She is my strongest supporter in blogland and artistically. Congrats on the win you so deserve it.

    I am posting about you and want to send you a thank you card from my Austen cards.

  7. Congrats and I couldn't agree with you more! We will have to organize a road trip to Canada some day.

  8. And duh! Congrats to you too sweetie.


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