The Greatest Knight Blog Tour

Yoo Hoo...hey all you Historical Fiction Fanatics!  The incomparable Elizabeth Chadwick is going blog-hoppin' for the US release of The Greatest Knight (my favorite read of 2009) and you are invited! 

Here is a listing of where EC will be and when.  These are some really fantastic blogs, so please check them out!
August 28—Booking Mama
September 2—A Journey of Books
September 21—Love Romance Passion
September 23—Bloody Bad Books
September 25—Morbid Romantic



  1. What up hot stuff? hope all is well.

    Thanks for the scoop on this tour. I liked the one EC book I read, although I haven't gotten around to any more. The premise of the Greatest Knight sounds good so I'll be adding that to my tbr. EC's accuracy is just astounding.

  2. Still haven't read any of her stuff but I will be coming around for the blog tour!

  3. Thanks for the blog tour info! I'll definately check everyone out!


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