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The acclaimed author of Duchess and Royal Harlot returns with the unforgettable story of a king’s last love and London’s darling…

Nell Gwyn has never been a lady, nor does she pretend to be. Blessed with impudent wit and saucy beauty, she swiftly rises from the poverty of Covent Garden to become a sensation in the theater. Still in her teens, she catches the eye of King Charles II, and trades the stage for Whitehall Palace—and the role of royal mistress.

Even though she delights the king, she must learn to negotiate the cutthroat royal court, where ambition and lust for power rule the hearts of all around her. For beneath her charm and light-heartedness, Nell has her own ambition—to become no less than the king’s favorite.

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Devastated by the death of the beloved grandfather who raised her, precocious young pianist Eleanor Rose heeds the words of the unknown woman in her dream.

Leaving the security of her privileged life in Boston, she heads for Eden’s Meadow, a Louisiana estate which she has never seen, and which has been closed since her grandmother died there mysteriously twenty-five years earlier. She longs for a tranquil haven in which to nurse her grief and concentrate on her music.

At first Eden’s Meadow seems to be just that. But Eleanor’s shocking discovery of a forgotten painting, the timely arrival of a letter from a man who seems to hold the answers to the questions it raises, and her growing love for an enigmatic Russian musician draw her into a labyrinth of past and present deception, which ultimately threatens her sanity—and her life.

via Berkley Trade...

It is 1859, and Hugh and Serena Hallam have left Charleston society behind to build a new life for themselves and their three children in the near-wilderness of West Tennessee. War may loom on the horizon, but life at their farm, Palmyra, is good, both for their family and—so they convince themselves— their slaves. Young and idealistic, torn between their ambivalence toward slavery and their love of the land, they keep hope that goodwill might yet prevail against the growing hostility dividing the two Americas. But soon, events will move the Hallams’ entire world toward destruction, sweeping Hugh into battle while stranding Serena at a besieged Palmyra. Their values will be tested on the battlefield and at home and in the end only their passionate and enduring love for one another will sustain them as they face the war that transforms a nation.

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  1. That second book has such a lovely cover. It looks very interesting.

  2. I've mentioned before...tell your postman to forward ALL your stuff to my address;)

  3. These sound really good. Happy reading!

    My Mailbox post is here.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  4. covet covet covet.. yep... I covet your books... and I am not ashamed to say so. Happy Reading and Happy Monday.

  5. All the books sound like intriguing reads. Happy Reading!

  6. Intereting reads.. I hadn't seen those yet!

  7. All three look really good! I hope you enjoy them!

  8. I'm always gemming after your mailbox Amy. lol.

  9. I just finished THE KING'S FAVORITE and I loved it! Now I am going to start ROYAL HARLOT...

  10. I've always thought I'd really like Nell Gwyn as a person. She seems so friendly and easy-going in all the books. I really liked Jude Morgan's portrayal of her in The King's Touch. I'll have to look into getting this one, too!


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