Wordless Wednesday

 For this week's Wordless Wednesday I thought I would show a picture of one of my three kitties.  Her name is Hendrix, after Jimi, and I know you're supposed to love them all equally, but her and I have a special bond.

She's a sexy lady and she's coming to getcha!


  1. What a beautiful cat! And what a seductive pose ;)

  2. Oh, she look so regal and what beautiful eyes. She's gorgeous Amy!

  3. She is a pretty girl. Give her some pets for me.

  4. It's "Foxy Lady" babe, not "sexy lady". You're the "sexy lady" and Hendrix is the "Foxy Lady"...
    Loves n' Hugs,
    your hubby

  5. awwwwww, she looks like my cat Angie. That is if Angie did not weigh over 30 pounds lol.

  6. It looks like you have a little tortie princess! I know you aren't suppose to have favorites but I love my little tortie girl and we have a special bond too.

  7. She's cute! She kinda looks like Jimmy all tripped out on LSD. LOL!


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