Happy National Book Lover's Day! What are you reading to celebrate?

It's our day ya'll! How are you be celebrating? Taking a trip to your favorite book store or relaxing by the pool with a book? What are you currently reading?

I have my nose buried in two at the moment. Dead Wake by Erik Larsen (Non-Fiction on the sinking of the Lusitania) and Medicis Daughter by Sophie Perinot. Both are amazing!


  1. First, I am reading Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman. I'll be seeing her when she comes to Michigan in September, so I'm trying to read it and the rest of her books before then.

    Second, I, too, read dead wake. So I can comment on that and give you some advice.

    Read all of ist. Don't skip, even if you suspect that 1) some paragraphs exist simply because Larson didn't want to waste a single bit of the research he did for DEAD WAKE and 2) those paragraphs won't contribute to your overall understanding of the book. Your suspicions would be wrong. I had those suspicions but, luckily, just in case, didn't skip.

    I was ashamed to say (but no longer am because Larson, himself, admits the same): I always thought that the U.S. entered World War I immediately after the Germans torpedoed and sank the "Lusitania." Larson lays out the truth, beginning with background. That can form the basis for educated guesses about what happened later and why.

    For me, the biggest mysteries of this story are what the English knew ahead of time, why they didn't notify the captain of the "Lusitania" when they knew it, and why they continued to lie about it. Was this an effort to involve the U.S. in this war in Europe? Or were the English trying to mislead the Germans?

    I came to a conclusion. But that's because I read it all.

  2. I've got Marci Jefferson's latest--Enchantress of Paris--as my bookish companion at the moment :)


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