Review: A Dangerous Madness by Michelle Diener

Pub Date: May 19, 2014 | Paperback, Ebook
Acquired by: NetGalley

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance/Regency

The Duke of Wittaker has been living a lie...

He’s been spying on the dissolute, discontented noblemen of the ton, pretending to share their views. Now he’s ready to step out of the shadows and start living a real life...but when the prime minister of England is assassinated, he's asked to go back to being the rake-hell duke everyone believes he still is to find out more.

Miss Phoebe Hillier has been living a lie, too...

All her life she's played by society's rules, hiding her fierce intelligence and love of life behind a docile and decorous mask. All it's gotten her is jilted by her betrothed, a man she thought a fool, though a harmless one. But when she discovers her former fiancé was involved in the plot against the prime minister, and that he's been murdered, she realizes he wasn't so harmless after all.

And now the killers have set their sights on her...

The only man who can help her is the Duke of Wittaker--a man she knows she shouldn't trust. And she soon realizes he's hiding behind a mask as careful as her own. As the clock ticks down to the assassin's trial, the pair scramble to uncover the real conspiracy behind the prime minister's death. And as the pressure and the danger mounts, Phoebe and Wittaker shed their disguises, layer by layer, to discover something more precious than either imagined–something that could last forever. Unless the conspirators desperate to hide their tracks get to them first.

My Review 

There is so much to love about this read I don't know where to quite begin! A Dangerous Madness is the third book in Michelle Diener's Regency series. I haven't read the first two books, but I will be picking them up as soon as humanly possible because I am hooked!

The book centers around the assassination of Perceval Spencer, "the only English prime minister ever to be assassinated". This is the first I had heard of this event, so it was really interesting to learn more about it and the investigation. But what I loved most about the read was the interaction between the two lead characters - Phoebe and James. They were so cute together, I really enjoyed their repartee, and had a few laugh out loud moments at their expense. I can definitely see this book being made into a fun series on BBC, with Phoebe and James as a husband/wife detective team

Part romance, part murder mystery, part political, all AWESOME...I highly recommend you pick up a copy of A Dangerous Madness and be prepared to be entertained! If you're hooked like me, check out Michelle Diener's back list for more reading.

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