Guest Post by Ciji Ware + Giveaway of LIGHT ON THE VERANDA

I am a big fan of author Ciji Ware and am very excited to host her on my blog. She has graciously stopped by Passages to the Past today to talk about where the idea for her novel, A LIGHT ON THE VERANDA, originated. 

Also, thanks to Sourcebooks I have one copy of Ciji's latest release, A LIGHT ON THE VERANDA, up for grabs!
And now for Ciji Ware's guest post...
The publishing history of A Light on the Veranda began one April when the dogwood and roses were in full bloom. My close friend and fellow novelist, Michael Llewellyn, then based in New Orleans, urged me to consider the Town That Time Forgot as the perfect setting for the stand-alone sequel to Midnight on Julia Street — an earlier novel I’d published with Sourcebooks/Landmark that takes place in the Big Easy.

“If Daphne Duvallon ever dares to show her face again down South,” my Archangel Michael advised, “send her to Natchez!”

I replied, “Where’s Natchez?”

I was happy to learn from my Tennessee-born friend that the town was in Mississippi, due North of New Orleans, about a three-hour drive. The minor character in the previous novel to whom he referred had blown off her wedding—along with the groom--in front of five hundred guests at the celebrated St. Louis Cathedral…and most of her family refused to speak to her in the two years that followed. I pondered what possibly could convince her to return south so I could write a book about her?  Suddenly the proverbial light bulb went off in my head: another wedding!  That of her beloved half-brother, King who would finally get hitched to the love-obsessed-but-marriage-averse heroine in Julia Street –Corlis McCullough!
In his sales pitch on setting a book about poor Daphne in Natchez, Michael had commented that the gorgeously restored Monmouth Plantation, now a hotel, played host to scores of weddings and that its wonderful owners, Ron and Lani Riches, would undoubtedly welcome two writers with open arms, providing us each with our own stunning suite while I soaked up atmosphere and got to learn Natchez history and about the music scene—which is considerable in the town.  

 Home to Biscuits and Blues, the Under-the-Hill Saloon, and a number of other “jazz joints” –I began to get excited.  What if my Juilliard-trained classical harpist Daphne, exhausted by the brutal competition she’d encountered in her life as a symphony and chamber orchestra musician in New York City, returned to her southern roots for her brother’s wedding and took up jazz harp in an all-girl band as a profession? Woweeee, I was definitely on to something!

Michael, as it happened, was working on his own novel set in Natchez, The Goat Castle Murder, based on a true (and truly Gothic) tale in 1934 and due to be published later this year.  He promptly arranged for the first of numerous “location scouting” trips that allowed him to recline on the veranda at one of his old haunts, the beautiful mansion, Dunleith, while simultaneously introducing me to many of the sites I eventually used in A Light on the Veranda.

Once we arrived in this town of some 22 thousand souls with dozens of “tour-able” mansions like Stanton House (pictured here where the fried chicken is sublime) that hailed from the Golden Age when “Cotton was King,” my dear southern pal opened doors to other Mississippi landmarks like the Governor Holmes House, the Cover-to-Cover Bookshop, and restaurants as wildly various as the Pig Out Inn (“Swine Dining at its Finest”), Pearl Street Pasta, the Magnolia Grill and the West Bank Eatery (“Fantastic Cookin’ & Big River Lookin’”). 

As you can see here, there wasn’t a restaurant we didn’t eat in on those research sojourns, including the “politically incorrect” but totally scrumptious Mammy’s Cupboard located a few miles outside Natchez proper.  I gained a good ten pounds, alone, lunching there, I expect, but loved every morsel of such southern classic cuisine as broccoli cornbread, Hummingbird Cake, and blueberry lemonade. 

But who was going to be the hero of this southern tale?  Ex-bride Daphne was a very sophisticated, well-educated and talented young woman and at first I was at a loss as to what sort of man was worthy of her, especially since she’d endured the humiliation of her former fiancĂ© cheating on her prior to the buildup of the “Wedding of the Season That Never Happened” in New Orleans?  Then I got it, proud Mama that I am.  “Simon Chandler” would be a photographer, like my grown son Jamie, shown here.  

Someone along the way had mentioned that John James Audubon had spent time in Natchez in the 19th century painting the birds of the Mississippi flyway. Bingo! I’d make the hero a nature photographer retracing Audubon’s steps in the region for a coffee table book that would feature images he’d shot of all the native birds that had been painted by America’s first “naturalist.” So there I was, the basics of the book in hand. “All” I had to do was write it, which I did with great pleasure.  

My husband, son, sister, nephew, fellow-author Michael, and I even returned to Natchez to host a fabulous book launch party at none other than the Monmouth Plantation Hotel where much of the action takes place!  The novel is a “time-slip” story, weaving back and forth between Daphne’s modern era and an age nearly two-hundred-years earlier when her namesake ancestress was in a peck of trouble and--  Well, you’ll just have to read A Light on the Veranda to get the whole story…

Lovely being with you on one of my all-time favorite blogs: Passages to the Past! Thanks for inviting me to be your guest. 

Ciji Ware enjoys hearing from readers at and on Facebook.  


 Publication Date: March 1, 2012 | Sourcebooks | 480p


A secret may hold for a hundred years... and then it's time for the past to take revenge 

Daphne Duvallon vowed never to return to the South years ago when she left her philandering fiance at the altar. Now family has called her back to Natchez, Mississippi, a city as mysterious and compelling as the ghostly voices that haunt her dreams.

From a time when the oldest settlement on the Mississippi was in its heyday and vast fortunes were made and lost, Daphne begins to uncover the secrets of an ancestor whose fate is somehow linked with her own. In a compelling and mesmerizing tale, now Daphne must right the wrongs of the past, or follow the same path into tragedy...
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  1. A Light on the Veranda sounds very interesting. I'd love to win it.

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  5. What a great adventure doing the research and soaking up the atmosphere! I'd love to read Ciji's book.

  6. Wow! This book sounds very intriguing!

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  12. I love books set in the South, and I've enjoyed other books by Ciji Ware. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  13. My first Ciji Ware book was "Race to Splendor" and I really really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to this one.

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  17. I've read Ciji Ware before and can say she is a very talented author. This area of Mississippi has always been its own little world rich in history, fables and witchcraft. I'm very interested to see that Ms. Ware chose this area as the location for her new book. The plot sounds very intriguing and I am looking forward to reading "A Light on the Veranda."

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  19. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this fascinating post by Ciji Ware. How interesting to learn the process by which she created this wonderful book! The photos were a treat. Thanks, Ciji! I'm really looking forward to reading A Light On the Veranda.

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  25. This sounds like a good read. Have never read any of Ms. ware's books but they are on my TBR list.

  26. I love time slip and time travel stories--sign me up!

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  27. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! I really want to go there and visit now!

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  35. No need to enter me - I'm just trying to get caught up on my blog reading. I love this guest post - it is great knowing how the book came to be. It must have been so wonderful to visit all of these places and soak up the atmosphere. It must have worked because it oozed from the pages!


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