ARC Giveaway: The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich

Passages to the Past has got another great giveaway for her lovely readers!  In my hot little hands I have an ARC of The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich and it could soon belong to one of you lucky people!

by Roberta Rich

Publication Date:  February 14, 2012
Gallery Press Publishing


Hannah Levi is renowned for her gift at coaxing reluctant babies from their mothers using her secret “birthing spoons.” When a Christian count implores her to attend his dying wife and save their unborn son, she is torn. A Papal edict forbids Jews from rendering medical treatment to Christians, but the count’s payment is enough to ransom Hannah’s husband, Isaac, who has been captured at sea. Can she refuse her duty to a woman who is suffering? Hannah’s choice entangles her in a treacherous family rivalry that endangers the child and threatens her voyage to Malta, where Isaac, believing her dead in the plague, is preparing to buy his passage to a new life.

Beautifully told with exceptional skill, The Midwife of Venice brings to life a time and a place cloaked in fascination and mystery and introduces a captivating new talent in historical fiction. 

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Good luck to you all!



  1. Sounds like a fascinating read and really an unusual historical. I rarely enter giveaways but you snagged me this time. ;-)

    I'm definitely adding that to my TBR list.

  2. bms.beard at gmail dot com

    Followed here, requested to join on FB. :)

  3. oohh, me, me! Pick me! Sounds like a good one. Different, too.

  4. Hey Amy
    Count me in on this one...I was just reading about this book. I shared via FB, Twitter and Google+
    Thank you!!

  5. Please include me in this one.

    I subscribe to your feed via Google reader as Sandra K321.


  6. I have seen this book given away on too and I entered to win, but didn't. So I'm hoping I have better luck here. :)

    I am a follower of your blog, follow you on twitter, asked to join your facebook as of today.

    My email is

    Thanks for the give away!

  7. This sounds like a wonderful book!

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  8. I`d love to read this

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  9. sounds good! I would enjoy it, thanks for your generous giveaways. I'm your faithful follower here, on FB and twitter. I just shared your post on both FB and twitter.
    Emma @ Words And Peace
    ehc16e at yahoo dot com

  10. You always find the very best books!!
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  12. This sounds like a great read - certainly a different subject matter than many of the usual suspects. I would love to enter.

    I follower PTTP, and Facebook, and Twitter. I shared your post on Google+ and Twitter.


  13. sounds really interesting .I am a google follower follow on twitter at rhonda reads &will tweet liked you on

  14. You always review/offer the BEST books! This book makes me burn with booklust!!! I am a follower and twittered and FBed this contest, whatever the outcome I reall, really love your blog!


  15. This sounds like a perfectly lovely book, medicine and history, yum.

  16. I've been really wanting to read this one, and I'm a follower.


  17. Venice is my absolute favorite city and I can't get enough of novels set there.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I am a GFC follower.

  18. Ohlala! This sounds amazing!

    I'm already a follower and I follow Passages to the Past on Twitter too. And I retweeted about this contest. Yay!

    thorntonstephanie at hotmail dot com

  19. Would love to win this one--I just got back from visiting Venice for Carnival and have the city in my head. Thanks for the chance!

  20. Forgot to add--I'm a blog and twitter follower and I'm retweeting the contest. Thanks!

  21. Always enjoy a good historical noveland this sounds like a good read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Always enjoy a good historical novel and this sounds like a good read based on the reviews. Thanks for the giveaway

  23. I am a Google follower, and I think this book sounds great. Thank you for the giveaway.

  24. I'm a follower- thanks for the giveaway!

  25. This sounds really good! I love book about midwives.
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    Thanks Amy!

  26. This looks REALLY good. And I love new authors. I'm a follower. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Interesting take on a midwife! On my TBR Wishlist. Love debut historical fiction, and I am quite fond of Canadian authors too!

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    Thanks, Amy!!!

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  28. Sounds very interesting. My great grandmother was a midwife so I've added this to my TBR and WL. Thanks for letting us know about this book.

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  32. This really sounds like a great book, Amy. I'm interested to see how midwives plied their trade during that time period. The idea of the spoons is very thought-provoking. Again, we see how religion played such a huge part in every day life then. I'm looking forward to reading Roberta Rich's book and as I love Venice, I'm sure that her descriptions will be wonderful as well. Thanks so much for sharing this great synopsis, Amy. Sure hope to be selected as a winner of this ARC.

    Connie Fischer

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  34. I'd love a chance to win and read this one so please do enter me in your giveaway!


    I am a follower of your blog, and also follow you on Facebook.

  35. Wow! This sounds like such an interesting book!! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention and for the chance to win a copy :)

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  36. I've had my eye on this one! :-)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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  37. I would love to win a copy of the Midwife of Venice. It sounds very interesting.
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  38. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I am a member of the Facebook group.

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  39. always looking for a new book
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  40. Hi pls enter me! I am a loyal follower lol! And I joined the fb page also! Thanks for having the givaway!
    Marci B.

  41. Sounds good. I've been eyeing this one.
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  42. I really want to read this book. Please enter me in contest. I am a follower and email subscriber.

  43. This sounds like a good book.

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  44. +1 I'm intrigued!
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  45. Thanks for the giveaway.

    This books sounds so good and I'm adding it to my TBR. I'm a follower here and on twitter.

    jenniferlladd at gmail dot com

  46. Hi! New here! I just heard of this book and would love to read it!

    I am a follower

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    Laura Kay (a novel review)

  47. +1 This book sounds interesting. Please enter me into the contest.

    +5 I'm following your blog here through blogger under the name- wulf


  48. Would love to read this.


  49. I love books that take place in Venice and would love to win this one. Thanks

  50. Would love to get my hands on this one Amy!

  51. Sounds like a great book.

  52. Please count me in the giveaway, would be great to win something

  53. Please count me in the giveaway, would be great to win something

  54. Hi, Amy,
    Of course I'm following, following and tweeting and posting up a storm about you, "Passages.." and Historical Fiction tours; not to mention I'm a host blogger. But, I don't have a copy of this book to read for a review, and I'd love one, Amy!!! Any chance of my getting one before this giveaway has come and gone?? :" Please??

    PS: I'm a Historical Fiction Blog Touring Guide with a Passion!!!

  55. Please count me in!

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  56. Sounds like a wonderful story! I follow you everywhere - on the blog, FB, twitter, Google Reader. I'll use the share button. Thanks!

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  57. Have been wanting this book for a while!

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  58. I would love to win this one ; )

  59. I'm so excited about this book! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


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    +1 tweeted about giveaway (Link to tweet:!/LadyVee424/status/172496067164766208

  60. This really sounds like a fascinating book! Venice is a very interesting city to read about, and midwifery an interesting topic in a story. Hanna seems like a very interesting character too. I'd love to win a copy!
    My email is

  61. This sounds like a great read! I just found your blog.. yay!
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