Guest Post by Elizabeth Chadwick + 2 Copy Giveaway of Lady of the English

I am so very, very exited to welcome one of my most favorite authors, Elizabeth Chadwick, to Passages to the Past today!  Elizabeth is here in honor of the release of her latest and greatest, Lady of the English, which I reviewed yesterday {READ}.

I have long been fascinated by Elizabeth's use of Akashic Records and so I asked her if she could tell us all a bit about and how it enhances her novels.  And thanks to Sourcebooks, Passages to the Past has 2 copies of Lady of the English to give away to my lovely readers!

The floor is yours, Elizabeth... 

Thank you to Amy for inviting me onto Passages to the Past to talk about the Akashic Records and how I use them to research my novels. 

My friend Alison King has the ability to access the past by tuning into the energy patterns of people and places that have gone before. She refers to her skill as being able to read the Akashic Records. I guess my handle on it would be psychic time travel. It would take up the entire blog post to try and explain the technicalities of it, and besides, it’s a bit like driving a car. I may be able to get from A to B in it, but don’t ask me to explain what’s under the hood! However, Alison does have her own websiteand if you want to know more about it, you can go to this url And this is Alison’s home page. She is involved in various kinds of energy work as her day job. 

For the purpose of this blog, let’s take it that Alison is indeed tuning in to the past in a fascinating and unique way. I don’t expect everyone to believe in this, your mileage may vary, but I what I doing here, is telling you how it works for me and how I use it in my historical novels. 

I have been using Alison’s ability ever since the later stages of writing THE GREATEST KNIGHT, and have factored it into my research process ever since. I never use The Akashic Records exclusively. They are part of a broad spectrum of research materials involving primary source, secondary source, location visits and re-enactment. I add a good seasoning of imagination to the blend, and weave everything together to craft my story. I find the Akashic Records very useful for finding out the things that history doesn’t tell us and also for examining people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions about a given set of circumstances. Because Alison can tune in to each individual, I can get a fully rounded view of an incident and not just one side. In that way it is even better than primary source. It skips the bias of the chroniclers. Even if the winners write the history as is so often said, I can also listen in to the losers and the bystanders. For example, when working on Lady of the English I had to write about how Empress Matilda felt about her adolescent husband Geoffrey of Anjou. I was able to look at Matilda’s thoughts and feelings on the matter, and then at Geoffrey’s. I was also able to look at what those around them thought and felt about it. When the child, the future Henry II arrived on the scene, I was able to explore his childhood through his own thoughts and feelings and through the observances and emotions of his parents and a wider audience. 

Where the historical events were already known, I tested the Akashic input against them for veracity. Where they weren’t already known, I asked myself ‘Is this probable or likely?’ It always was. I also sent each session for comment to a friend who is a medievalist and cultural historian specializing in this period, and her feedback was very positive on the cultural and social aspects. It was medieval mindset coming through and gave additional insights on the known history. 

Since Alison receives every sense when she tunes in, she sees the people too, and this is fascinating for me. It’s almost like those programmes where experts do a facial reconstruction on the skull and the real person emerges from the mists of time to look you in the eyes. 

Here are a few scenes taken from my Akashic Record research material while researching LADY OF THE ENGLISH. In total we accumulated around 120,000 words of research for this novel alone, so the below feature just a few meager snapshots from a huge kaleidoscope. 

I am writing now writing 3 novels about Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Akashic results from my research so far are proving a real eye opener. I am hoping to share them online very soon. 

A description of Adeliza of Louvain.

She’s got a very wide mouth, quite thin lips. It’s not a straight mouth, it’s a wavy mouth. She’s got fine, straight hair. Very long, very drawn back from the face. She’s like a fairy tale princess. The sort of girl who in our day would go to ballet classes. She makes very fine movements with her hands – the sort of movements that always look as if a bird is about to alight on the back of the hand. Everything graceful and very flowing in straight lines – the clothes, the sleeves of the dress. Not a voluptuous figure at all, but very straight and slim. She’s not short, quite a normal sort of height, but gives the impression of delicacy. 

Description of Will D’Albini, Adeliza’s second husband.

He has dark brown, thick, curly hair that grows vigorously. Strong features, rather Eastern European in look - wide face, high cheekbones, full lips, that sort of thing. Strong shoulders that make the cloak sway when he walks. (For those who want to Google, he has a bit of a look of the British actor the late Alan Bates). 

How Brian FitzCount feels about the Empress Matilda.

Alison makes a small sound. He has to look the other way actually. Because he likes her? Yes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he doesn’t trust himself – but oh gosh, it’s terrible actually. If he got attached to her, it would be like falling down a huge mountain in darkness and he couldn’t do it to himself. So he has to keep it very light and very official. It is the loyal servant very much in love with the mistress. But this loyal servant is also extremely intelligent and also self aware and aware of his position and feelings and situation. He has real dignity. He’s a gorgeous man! 

Description of the teenage Geoffrey of Anjou and a paragraph about his attitude to Matilda. 

He is rather handsome and he likes posing and inspecting. He has wavy red-gold hair, quite thick lips nicely shaped. Plumpish soft cheeks. Very attractive in a cherubic sort of way. The eyes are not cherubic at all. They’re a greenish colour but they flash! And when they flash, they flash blue in the depths of the green. Very glassy, but sea-type colours. 

So what does he think Matilda’s going to think of him? 

Well it doesn’t really come into it does it? 

But does he think that he’s so handsome that she won’t be able to resist him? 

No, it’s more like ‘She’ll have to do what she’s told. She’s a woman. She has no feelings, she has no thoughts, she has no rights to anything really, apart from procreation. The real power lies with him and his father. That’s how he feels about it. She can just keep to her chamber. And when he says this it’s the same sort of feeling as keeping the pigs in the sties or the dogs in the kennel. There’s a place for women. He thinks that it won’t make that much difference to him in his life. All it requires is for him just to go at it and get her pregnant in crude terms. 

Now go to Matilda before 1128 after she receives the letter of Hildebert de Lavardin, Archbishop of Tours, remonstrating with her for rejecting the betrothal between herself and Geoffrey of Anjou:

Alison: How could he? How could he? He doesn’t know what it’s like, he’s not a woman. How am I supposed to bear this? Married to a boy half my age and an idiot at that! He’d have to be an idiot to agree to this marriage. Anyone with any reasons knows it must be stupid! And then she cries. And she says ‘Everyone’s against me. Everyone’s turned against me. I have no one to turn to.’ She’s thinking about her first, dear husband and wishing he was still alive and that he could protect her. ‘Now I have no one. I will have to protect myself, but I can’t do it.’ She’s turning over, curling up in a ball and thinking ‘How can he ask me to do such a thing? It’s against all the rules of nature. She’s got nowhere to turn. There’s only God left, and what has God ever done for her? She’s reminded that she survived that time in childbirth, but she’s also reminded that she hasn’t got a baby. If she had, she would have had a purpose and a place. Now she’s trying to think her way out of it. Maybe God will protect her, but she thinks that God has taken the principal side. She doesn’t think that it’s bad to have politics but she thinks they should be tempered by moderation and humanity for those concerned so that everyone can live at peace and not just always be about gain. Sometimes things go beyond gain. But she wishes someone would value her as a person, as a human being. She doesn’t want any sanction by the church. She doesn’t hold with the opinions of this church any more and this proves it to her. She no more believes in so-called men of God. She feels very naughty saying that to herself and very out on a limb. It was her last resort and she’ll be damned if she’ll be a nun and be forever bound by men of God. That would be even worse than getting married. She’d be totally done for there. So she’s still trying to think of an alternative. And her father is the only alternative. 

To petition him again? 

I don’t know. She just feels that’s the only place she could make a difference. If he would only relent, but she’s tried and tried with that and he just turns away now and won’t even discuss it. She thinks he doesn’t understand how deep this goes with her and how painful it is. Because she always tries to be ladylike and professional when she’s with him, proud, but it doesn’t help. She cannot think of another alternative and she cannot think of herself without thinking of her position, so for example she can’t think of abdicating and just becoming an ordinary person. It seems to her the only honourable way forward is to go forward with this marriage and that is only honourable on the surface; it’s not honourable deep down, so she has to force herself. It’s a very subdued sort of state. 

The Empress interacting with her son, the future Henry II when he’s a toddler. 

I am seeing bottle shapes. They look like skittles and they are falling down. The child is crawling. It’s outdoors. They are on grass. The child is crawling towards the skittles. Matilda has told everyone to hold back a bit, not roll any more balls. She wants to see what he’ll do. He’s put one of the skittles back up on its base. He’s put a loop round it. It’s not skittles that you knock over but the sort you put a hoop over. It’s a flat hoop about an inch and a half wide. Alison laughs. Then he puts both arms in the air as if to say ‘Hooray, I’ve won!’ Aaah, Matilda is clapping him and saying ‘Well done, well done. Bravo! Bravo!’ He’s still holding a hoop while he’s in her arms and he’s waving it about and she’s praising him for being so clever. She is saying, ‘Here is the winner of the game, here is the winner! She’s holding him up higher as well. She is saying more quietly to him ‘That’s right, that’s how you win.’ Meaning? It doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you get the hoop over. She’s praising him because she wants a winner in the household. She feels a bit deficient in that area, so she’s trying to train her son to improve on her and she’s making sure that everyone in the court applauds him and acknowledges his win – so she is also training them. She is saying ‘Your father will come and explain some more things to you. Your father is a ferocious winner.’ 

Comment on the childhood personality of Henry II.

Henry has got a very winning smile and a very sunny side to him. He also has the attitude that he always has to win, and then the sun always shines. That’s the right thing. 

On Henry II’s attitude to his mother going to England: 

Has she told him at that point that she is leaving to go to England? Oh yes. It’s something that he accepts quite well. It’s family business. One day when he’s big enough he’ll be doing it. He’s been told that he must practice hard so he’ll be able to do it. He knows that’s his job now and he’s got responsibilities at home. And again there’s this feeling of responsibility, that he’s going to be in charge.



Matilda, daughter of Henry I, knows that there are those who will not accept her as England's queen when her father dies. But the men who support her rival Stephen do not know the iron will that drives her.

Adeliza, Henry's widowed queen and Matilda's stepmother, is now married to a warrior who fights to keep Matilda off the throne. But Adeliza, born with a strength that can sustain her through heartrending pain, knows that the crown belongs to a woman this time.

In the anarchy, in a world where a man's word is law, how can Adeliza obey her husband while supporting Matilda?

How long can Matilda fight for the throne that she has struggled so bitterly to win?

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    I have had the honour and pleasure of meeting Alison. One of these days (when I get this editing completely finished!) I intend to write up about my incredible session with her - and hopefully further ones in the future.
    She was helpful with several things, but in particular with some of the plot for the 4th Sea Witch Voyage, Ripples In The Sand.
    (Amy reviewed the Sea Witch series a short while ago - thank you Amy!)
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