2011 Release: Mozart's Last Aria by Matt Rees

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by Matt Rees

Release Date: November 1, 2011


Transporting readers to the salons and concert halls of 18th century Austria, Mozart’s Last Aria pulls back the curtain on a world of powerful secrets and powerful men—from the enigmatic Freemasons to the secret police to the Austrian Emperor himself—in a detailed story of soaring music, burning passion, and mortal danger.

In December 1791, Madame Maria Anna Berchtold von Sonnenburg—known to her family as Nannerl—receives a letter from her sister-in-law Costanze with devastating news: Nannerl’s brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is dead.

But Constanze’s letter carries more than just news of the great composer’s death. Months earlier, Mozart had confided in his wife that he believed his life was in danger, and on his deathbed announced that he had been poisoned—though he was never able to name his murderer.

Now, as Nannerl sets off for Vienna to pay her final respects, she finds herself entering a web of suspicion and intrigue involving rival composers, jealous lovers, and sinister creditors, where even Mozart’s masonic brothers—including Prince Lichnowsky—harbor dark secrets about their one-time friend. And as Nannerl digs deeper into the mystery surrounding Mozart’s demise, the tempo quickens, and her brother’s black fate threatens to engulf Nannerl as well.



  1. The pianist in me has been excited about this one since I first saw it a few months ago. Look like that changed the cover for the US though - I think I like the UK one more (which focuses on the man and the music rather than the girl).

  2. This sounds like a really awesome book. I love the mixing of history and art!

  3. I just cant take my eyes off that blue dress!

  4. This book looks amazing and I love the cover. I'll be adding it to my TBR list.

  5. This book sounds wonderful but what I really want to know is how I get that blue dress!

  6. I'm glad everyone likes the dress -- I, too, always prefer to wear blue! As Amy notes, the book comes out in the US November 1, but there are video trailers and video readings and Extra Features about Mozart's sister on my website already at www.mattrees.net. I hope you'll all stop by to take a look and keep in touch for the book launch. Very best, Matt

  7. The cover on this book is striking. It doesn't give the feel of Mozart's time period, but I like it. Sounds like an interesting story.


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