New Margaret Campbell Barnes re-issue in 2011

Here's the cover for the new re-issue of Mary of Carisbrooke by Margaret Campbell Barnes that I found while perusing FantasticFiction.UK tonight. 

SYNOPSIS:  Richly drawn and inspired by the New York Times bestselling author's own experience living on the Isle of Wight, this dramatic retelling brings to life the cavalier king whom Cromwell deposed. But even more fascinating than the account of royal hopes and misfortunes is the tale of a charming servant girl who is as romantic and tender in love as she is bold and resourceful in plotting the king's escape.



  1. Just when I finish one another one comes out that I will have to read!

  2. This sounds like it should be an interesting read. Living there for a period of time certainly would have given her the flavor of and feel for the area.

  3. I am looking forward to this one. I haven't been as fond of some of her books as I have been of others, but overall, I am glad to be reading her.

  4. FYI Everyone--this cover will be changing :) Sourcebooks is going to give some of the Margaret Campbell Barnes covers a new direction!

  5. This looks good...I am currently reading something set in the same time period, so I might pick this up next :)

  6. I really look forward to this book! I am a big fan of Ms. Barnes!


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