Jean Plaidy 2009 UK Releases

Random House UK have been re-issuing Plaidy's books and here is what they have planned to come out (so far) in 2009. Their usual routine is to come out with 3-4 of her books (in series order) every quarter. I know I'm not the only one who collects Plaidy books, so I thought a lot of you would be interested.

March 5, 2009:

June 4, 2009 (no covers yet):

Madonna of the Seven Hills (Lucrezia Borgia, Book 1)
Light on Lucrezia (Lucrezia Borgia, Book 2)
The Scarlet Cloak
Defenders of the Faith

Side note: The Book Depository has free shipping to the states.


  1. I'm so jealous you guys get the reissues so much earlier than we do. I've been picking them all up when the finally get to stores here in the states. Thanks for the free shipping info!! And I can't decide which covers I like better, U.K. or U.S. The latest U.S. ones are particularly nice!


  2. I came to post that I loved the covers, then I saw Lezlie's comment on the US covers where can I find them? One thing I like about the reissues they normally do very nice covers.

    Also, did she also write under the name Victoria Holt I just finished on of her books.

  3. Lezlie - I'm actually from the state of Georgia, but am purchasing books from UK a lot!

    Random House US publishes the ones for the states and they are in your local bookstore. They did have a lovely cover template for the first 15 or so they published, then they changed it - the new ones are okay, but not as nice as the others. I read Mistress of Mellyn and really enjoyed it as well. I'm kinda nerdy and have a spreadsheet of all the ones I have. The woman wrote so many, it's hard to keep track!

  4. Amy ~ There are definitely some from there I'd like to get my hands on. I'll be checking out that link.

    And we have just the opposite opinion on the U.S. covers. While I really like the ones they've been using, I *love* the newest ones. At least there is something for everyone! :-)


  5. Those are lovely! I like this batch better than the new US ones.

  6. I used to order books from Amazon UK frequently, but began having a problem with lost shipments and damaged books. Someone told me about Book Depository, and I've ordered from them ever since. Not only is shipping free, but I've always gotten the books within a week, and not a one damaged!


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