Author Interviews

C.W. Gortner ~ The Last Queen

Donna Woolfolk Cross ~ Pope Joan

Elizabeth Chadwick ~ The Greatest Knight

Helen Hollick ~ The Kingmaking

Jules Watson ~ The Swan Maiden

Robin Maxwell ~ Signora da Vinci

Susan Higginbotham ~ The Traitor's Wife

Susan Holloway Scott ~ The French Mistress



  1. Wow!!!!!! I'm sooooo impressed with all of the authors you've had the chance to interview!!! That is so exciting. I interviewed my first author and will be posting tomorrow on my blog -- you're an inspiration!!!

  2. Thanks Gigi! I was so nervous at first, but now it's so much fun! And the authors have all been so nice and charming!

    Congrats on your first interview - I'll be sure to stop by tomorrow and check it out!


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