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Currently Reading: Elizabeth I by Margaret George

I will be starting today the mother of all reads, Elizabeth I by the incomporable Margaret George!!!!  I have been waiting for this moment ever since receiving my copy a few months ago and I'm almost afraid to start it!  The sooner I start it, the sooner it's over and I don't want it to end!!!  heehee

Margaret George has also graciously agreed to an interview here at Passages to the Past - I am beyond excited and not afraid to admit, a tad nervous!  I mean c'mon, it's Margaret George, my idol!!!!

Oh, and how unbelievable gorgeous is this cover?  The best I have ever seen and this picture doesn't do it justice compared with the physical book!

by Margaret George

Release Date:  April 5, 2011


New York Times bestselling author Margaret George captures history's most enthralling queen-as she confronts rivals to her throne and to her heart.

One of today's premier historical novelists, Margaret George dazzles here as she tackles her most difficult subject yet: the legendary Elizabeth Tudor, queen of enigma-the Virgin Queen who had many suitors, the victor of the Armada who hated war; the gorgeously attired, jewel- bedecked woman who pinched pennies. England's greatest monarch has baffled and intrigued the world for centuries. But what was she really like?

In this novel, her flame-haired, lookalike cousin, Lettice Knollys, thinks she knows all too well. Elizabeth's rival for the love of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and mother to the Earl of Essex, the mercurial nobleman who challenged Elizabeth's throne, Lettice had been intertwined with Elizabeth since childhood. This is a story of two women of fierce intellect and desire, one trying to protect her country, and throne, the other trying to regain power and position for her family and each vying to convince the reader of her own private vision of the truth about Elizabeth's character. Their gripping drama is acted out at the height of the flowering of the Elizabethan age. Shakespeare, Marlowe, Dudley, Raleigh, Drake-all of them swirl through these pages as they swirled through the court and on the high seas.


Currently reading...The Lady Queen by Nancy Goldstone

My third read of 2011 is one that has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time.  I really enjoyed Goldstone's The Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe and really excited to dive into this one!  History plus a murder mystery....I am so there!

by Nancy Goldstone

Publication Date:  October 27, 2009


The riveting history of a beautiful queen, a shocking murder, a papal trial—and a reign as triumphant as any in the Middle Ages.  

On March 15, 1348, Joanna I , Queen of Naples, stood trial for her life before the Pope and his court in Avignon. She was twenty-two years old. Her cousin and husband, Prince Andrew of Hungary, had recently been murdered, and Joanna was the chief suspect. Determined to defend herself—Joanna won her acquittal against enormous odds. Returning to Naples, she ruled over one of Europe’s most prestigious courts for more than thirty years—until she was herself murdered. 

As courageous as Eleanor of Aquitaine, as astute and determined as Elizabeth I of England, Joanna was the only female monarch in her time to rule in her own name. She was notorious: The taint of her husband’s death never quite left her. But she was also widely admired: Dedicated to the welfare of her subjects and realm, she reduced crime, built hospitals and churches, and encouraged the licensing of women physicians. While a procession of the most important artists and writers of her day found patronage at her glittering court, the turmoil of her times swirled around her: war, plague, intrigue, and the treachery that would, ultimately, bring her down. 

As she did in her acclaimed Four Queens, Nancy Goldstone takes us back to the turbulent and colorful Middle Ages, and with skill and passion brings fully to life one of history’s most remarkable women. Her research is impeccable, her eye for detail unerring, and in The Lady Queen she paints a captivating portrait of medieval royalty in all its incandescent complexity.


Currently reading...The King's Touch by Jude Morgan

by Jude Morgan

Publication Date:  June 1, 2003

SYNOPSIS:  This beautifully crafted novel brings to life an era famous for its dramatic events—the Plague, the Great fire of London, the Dutch Wars—and notorious for its sexual license and scandal. It was an era in which the King of England became a byword for sensual indulgence—enjoying ardent affairs and nurturing an addiction to witty company, horse racing, and high living, all the while maintaining an iron hold on his throne amid intrigue and violence. The King's Touch tells the story of Charles II from a uniquely enlightening perspective—that of the first–born son he loved above all others, but who would never become his heir.


currently reading...Wicked Company by Ciji Ware

Regulars of this blog have heard me gush about my new favorite author Ciji Ware and thanks to Sourcebooks I am starting my third Ware book.  I'm a few chapters in already and so far, so good! 

I see from her website that the next book Sourcebooks will be re-issuing is A Race to Splendor and has a tentative release date of April 2011.  For more information click HERE.

by Ciji Ware

Release Date:  October 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS:   If Shakespeare had a little sister, she just might be like Sophie McGann.

Masterfully bringing to life the drama and intrigue of 18th century London, author Ciji Ware sweeps readers into the story of a woman determined to write her own destiny. A blend of Shakespeare's talent and Helen of Troy's beauty, Sophie McGann is a woman ahead of her time. She defies society and convention to pursue her dream of seeing her plays performed on the grand stages of London. When scandal threatens her future, it will take a leading man from her past to help Sophie reclaim the life she has fought so hard to achieve.


Currently Reading....

I am super stoked to be reading my first Barbara Kyle book, though my series OCD is twitching because I'm starting with Book Three of the Thornleigh series without having read Books One and Two.  However, I don't think it will effect me from enjoying it.  I'm a few chapters in and so far the writing is great and I'm always glad to be in Elizabeth's company!

Author Barbara Kyle will be stopping by Passages to the Past later on this month for an interview, so stay tuned!!!

Have you read any Thornleigh novels and what are your thoughts?

The Queen's Captive
by Barbara Kyle

Release Date: August 31, 2010

SYNOPSIS: England, 1554. In the wake of the failed Wyatt Rebellion, a vengeful Queen Mary has ordered all conspirators captured and executed. Among the imprisoned is her own sister, twenty-one-year-old Princess Elizabeth. Though she protests her innocence, Elizabeth-s brave stand only angers Mary more.

Elizabeth longs to gain her liberty-and her sister-s crown. In Honor and Richard Thornleigh and their son, Adam, the young princess has loyal allies. Disgusted by Queen Mary-s proclaimed intent to burn heretics, Honor visits Elizabeth in the Tower and they quickly become friends. And when Adam foils a would-be assassin, Elizabeth-s gratitude swells into a powerful-and mutual-attraction. But while Honor is willing to risk her own safety for her future queen, aiding in a new rebellion against the wrathful Mary will soon lead her to an impossible choice.

Riveting, masterfully written, and rich in intricate details, The Queen-s Captive brings one of history-s most fascinating and treacherous periods to vibrant, passionate life.


Currently Reading...The Countess and the King by Susan Holloway Scott

Having just finished Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester and The Wet Nurse's Tale by Erica Eisdorfer (reviews pending) I am moving on to a read that I have been chomping at the bit to devour for months...

by Susan Holloway Scott

Release Date:  September 7, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  Katherine Sedley lived by her own rules and loved who she pleased- until she became the infamous mistress of King James II...

London, 1675: Born to wealth and privilege, Katherine is introduced to the decadent court of King Charles II, and quickly becomes a favorite from the palace to the bawdy playhouses. She gleefully snubs respectable marriage to become the Duke of York's mistress.

But Katherine's life of carefree pleasure ends when Charles II dies, and her lover becomes King James II. Suddenly she is cast into a tangle of political intrigue, religious dissent, and ever-shifting alliances, where a wrong step can mean treason, exile, or death at the executioner's block. As the risks rise, Katherine is forced to make the most perilous of choices: to remain loyal to the king, or to England.

I have the honor and privilege of hosting an Author Chat Night with the remarkable Susan Holloway Scott here at PTTP!  Stay tuned for further details.  We will also have an uber-spectacular giveaway that you won't want to miss out on!


Currently Reading...

Last night I stayed up late and finished up the excellent novel by Elizabeth Chadwick, For the King's Favor...LOVED it!!!  Now I'm off to explore the world of Georgette Heyer, as well as, 11th century Sicily.

Great Maria
by Cecellia Holland

Release Date:  August 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  Her father is a robber baron...

Her husband has grand ambitions and a quick temper...

She will become...the Great Maria.

A lush portrait of the eleventh century that leaves out none of its harshest nature, Great Maria is Cecelia Holland at her most evocative. A mere fourteen years old, strong-willed Maria is betrothed to Richard. Theirs is a marriage of conflict, yet one that grows over the years into respect and partnership. As they struggle-at times against each other, at times side-by-side-Maria and Richard emerge as full-blooded characters you'll never forget.

by Jennifer Kloester

Release Date:  August 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  Immerse yourself in the resplendent glow of Regency England and the world of Georgette Heyer...

From the fascinating slang, the elegant fashions, the precise ways the bon ton ate, drank, danced, and flirted, to the shocking real life scandals of the day, Georgette Heyer's Regency World takes you behind the scenes of Heyer's captivating novels.

As much fun to read as Heyer's own novels, beautifully illustrated, and meticulously researched, Jennifer Kloester's essential guide brings the world of the Regency to life for Heyer fans and Jane Austen fans alike.

What are you currently reading?

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