New Jean Plaidy re-issue out in 2011!

Woo Hoo, I found another yummy 2011 release and it's a Jean Plaidy re-issue!!!
Courting Her Highness: The Story of Queen Anne. It looks to me like this is a re-issue that was originally published as The Queens' Favourites and is the last book in Plaidy's Stuart Saga. 

SYNOPSIS:  William was dying and Anne, soon to be Queen, was dominated by Sarah Churchill, who believed that she, with her husband Marlborough, could rule the Queen - and England too.

Sarah was flamboyant, frank, impetuous and determined to have her way; her beauty and vitality had enslaved Marlborough and the Queen, and she believed herself to be invincible - as she was until she introduced the plain and meek Abigail Hill into the royal bedchamber as a humble chambermaid.

These two women were the Queen's favorites and between them they had a great influence on the rise and the fall of governments.

The scene is set at the beginning of the eighteenth century - one of the most brilliant in English history when, at home, men of literary stature - Swift, Defoe, Addison, Steel, Congreve - frequented the coffee houses and taverns and sold their talents to Whig and Tory; and, abroad, Marlborough was winning the Battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet.

The important question of the day was the Succession.  The Queen was childless; she was the victim of gout, dropsy and her conscience; and while some looked to St. Germains others turned to Hanover.

Intrigue flourished and the conflict circled round the favorites: Sarah, battering her way through life, quarreling with everyone, including her own family, rushing into disaster; and Abigail, working in the shadows, secretly admitting Robert Harley to the Queen's intimate green closet, frustrated by the emotions aroused by the man to whom she first brought power and then helped to ruin.  And shining through the dark intrigue is the love of Marlborough for Sarah, and hers for him - bold, passionate and indestructible.



  1. I love that Plaidy is being reissued, but I hate it when they rename the books -- tricks me in to thinking there's something new out!

  2. As an old book I am sure I will be able to get it - plenty of the old prints around in colombo. Its the new ones that I never find!

  3. I have been fascinated by Queen Anne for a long time, but all the books written in her time seems to be focusing more on Sarah Churchill than the queen herself. Guess I will have to write a book on her myself ;)

  4. I completely agree with Audra, its ok to reissue and make new covers, but why rename the title and let the reader think its a totally new book from Jean Plaidy since she passed away. Thats her original title, it should stay that way!


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