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As I was perusing Amazon I came across this little humdinger and it sounds like it's got potential, though I'd like to see a longer synopsis. 


by Kathryn Johnson

Release Date:  September 7, 2010

Description:  A young servant girl tells the tale of how William Shakespeare may have come to his inspiration for The Tempest—in a novel that engages the reader in a story of love, betrayal, and danger.

About the Author:  Kathryn has authored more than 40 published novels, is an Agatha Award finalist and honoree of the American Library Association. She serves on the Board for the Mystery Writers of America/Mid-Atlantic Region. Founder in 2006 of Write by You (, an author’s mentoring service, she also teaches at the renowned Writer’s Center in Washington, D.C. and speaks at regional and national writers’ conferences. Her professional memberships include the Author’s Guild, Historical Novel Society, Ninc, Mystery Writers of America, and Romance Writers of America. Having lived in Italy and traveled throughout Europe, and most recently to Egypt, she enjoys weaving rich historical detail into her novels. She is currently hard at work on her next work of historical fiction.

What do you think?

POST EDIT:  The oh so kind Daphne from Tanzanite's Shelf and Stuff has provided the synopsis for us, thanks Daphne!

SYNOPSIS:  Elizabeth Persons’ blinding headache while on board the Sea Venture is an ominous sign, one she knows well as a warning of danger. The young servant girl is one of 150 passengers on the ill-fated ship, her worst fears are soon realized as they are tossed mercilessly in a hurricane on the final leg of their journey to the Americas. As the storm calms, the passengers can hardly believe they have survived, and that the Bermudas, rumored home to evil spirits and dangerous natives, may be their only chance of salvation.

Despairing of rescue, Elizabeth and the others struggle to make the uninhabited island their home for nine long months while they build a new ship to complete their voyage to Jamestown, Virginia. As the months pass, friendships form, crew members revolt and love blossoms between Elizabeth and the ship’s young cook. Elizabeth forms a fast bond with the ship’s historian, a man she comes to know as William Strachey. But Will is not the man he portrays—he is in fact William Shakespeare—and they share a dangerous secret, a secret that could cost them their lives if they ever return to Protestant England.   After many months, their new ship is ready to sail and the surviving company finally lands in Jamestown, only to find that life there is hard and dangerous. When Elizabeth’s headaches return, she despairs of a threat to her young husband and their child, due later that year. Her world falls apart, but it is her good friend Will who gives her a chance for a new and independent life, by offering her the chance to return with him to live with his family in Stratford on Avon where they both must confront their past, face the risk of possible persecution, and start their lives again.

I gotta say that it sounds really good!



  1. Interesting. I am loving the many novels coming out about Shakespeare, makes him an interesting character.

  2. It does sound good but I've got to say that's one of my pet peeves - way to short of a description.

  3. You know, this one sounds like it could go either way. I would have loved to get a bit more of a synopsis for it, but oh well!

  4. Well, what do I think? I think I will have to read it and I think that September can't come soon enough! I added it to my tBR!

  5. I posted about this one a few months ago. YOu can find a more detailed summary here (it's about halfway down the post):

  6. Oh awesome Daphne! Thanks for posting the sounds really good!

  7. It certainly is an original story idea. Should be good.

  8. I like the setting and the who doesn't like Shakespeare. Interesting find that I'm glad you posted.
    I would like to read this one. Thanks.


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