Castles or Bust! Leeds Castle

 Leeds Castle was built by Henry I in 1119 and was used in 1278 as King Edward I and his queen, Eleanor of Castile's royal palace.  "Gloriette", the name of the medieval keep, was named in honor of Queen Eleanor.

 Leeds in Spring
Leeds Castle has had many Royalty roam it's corridors; King Edward II and Queen Isabella (I guess we can safely assume either Piers Gaveston or Hugh le Despenser was among the party), King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon, Queen Elizabeth I was imprisoned here before her coronation.

 Pretty Peacock

Leeds Castle Ambassadors

Fireworks at Leeds
 Leeds in Winter

 The Maze is a recent addition (1988) and was constructed using 2,400 yew trees.
 The Library

 King Henry VIII Banquet Room

 The Queen's Bedroom

 Lady Baillie's Room

Cellar - the oldest surviving visible part of the castle and shows Norman influence, dating from the mid-twelfth century

Leeds Castle website


  1. Love this post Amy! The pictures are wonderful and it seems that Leeds is beautiful in any season:) Between your castles and my palaces,we have quite the repertoire of heavenly places to visit...or dream about:)

  2. What a wonderful post! I have been to Leeds but it has been so many years! What beautiful memories you just reminded me of! Thank you! I just love the images you posted! Happy Monday mon cherie!

  3. You always manage to find the best pictures!

  4. The pictures are wonderful! Leeds Castle is beautiful thoughout the year. :D

  5. Your pictures show how beautiful Leeds Castle is inside and out, through every season! Thank you this is a wonderful post!

  6. I just wanted to say thank you. I love looking at the beautiful photos every week, it's definitely a highlight.

  7. Oh! I was just there over spring break. They even had a beautiful white peacock strutting about, which was so neat! Unfortunately we didn't really have time for the hedge maze or the grotto, but I'll definitely have to take the time to go back some summer!

  8. Awesome post Amy. Really, it's great of you to do these-it has to take quite a bit of work finding all of this. I just love it and my dream would be to be sitting curled up in that library. I sure could use one of those. It would be a dream to actually roam those rooms.

  9. Beautiful! I especially love the library and the ladies bedrooms!

  10. So beautiful and vibrant! I could definitely see myself lounging on that bed with a book!

  11. I went to Leeds castle what seems like a century ago ;-) and loved it!


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